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SKIN AND SOME SHxT is the podcast all about skin while taking some shits in between. The brain child of co-host Taylor, we offer educational episodes about how to properly take care of your skin, the dos and don'ts and literally everything else. Taylor wanted a podcast that was filled with knowledge but also fun. A combo of DRINK CHAMPS and skin care. With that, SKIN AND SOME SHxT was created.


JB founder and SKIN AND SOME SHxT co-host, Taylor, was looking for products that helped with her skin problems. Managing parties, weddings— any type of event you could think of— the late nights and glasses of champagne, wreaked havoc on her skin. Nothing was working.

She transitioned out of a world of being in strip clubs until 5am and into the skin care world, motivated by a quarter-life crisis and a push from her mom. Realizing that this was the 'thing' she had been looking for, she didn't look back. Out of the tears of a melt down and a "Get your your shit together. You can do what you want" talk with her mom (they're always right by the way), Jackie Beauty came to be.

Named after her red-lipstick-wearing, diamond-and-gold, long-shade-throwing queen grandmother— Jackie Barnes. A skin clinic to make your skin effortlessly flawless.



Molly is the co-host of SKIN + SOME SHxT and owner of the boutique skin studio, Under the Skin. Under The Skin specializes in any skincare related issues; offering customized facial services. Molly is a licensed esthetician in the state of Maryland ready to serve and educate the community with her great knowledge of our bodies largest organ: the skin. Molly’s passion for skincare came from years of trying to repair her own, with help and influence from Dr. Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper. Like any esthetician, Molly’s goal is to provide a space for her guests to achieve their skincare goals, and anything under the skin.

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